Arctic Climate

Workshop: Join in on an excursion through the Arctic Sea Ice.

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Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

söndag maj 08, 16:00 - 17:00



Sea Ice Popsicle. Nothing refreshes us more in summer than a cool ice cream, but when the sun heats up the ice cream literally melts away, and we can't keep up with eating it.

These days, Arctic sea ice is melting faster than it refreezes in winter. Researchers around the globe are asking themselves the question: When will all the Arctic sea ice be gone in summer? What is the impact on our climate system and society - and why is it so important?

Join in on a short excursion through the Arctic and learn why it is worth protecting this unique habitat.


Nicole Syring, Polar researcher


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Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

J444, PLAN 4
Renströmsgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg
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