Circular economy of the energy

Talk: The production and consumption of energy according to the principles of a circular economy.

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18:30 - 19:30, fre. 21 apr.



The production and consumption of energy is an important issue. How can we apply the principles of a circular economy to these areas?

How can we switch from a no limit growth to virtuous limits?

This event is Organized by The French Institute of Sweden. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Institute of Sweden is one of the 98 French institutes around the world whose mission is to promote cooperation between France and Sweden in the following areas.
· Linguistic and educational cooperation
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Founded in 1937, the French Institute of Sweden is located in the premises of the French Embassy in Sweden.


Nadège Hervieux, engineer, fuel cell sector;

Elin Bergman, COO Cradlenet, co-founder & managing partner Nordic Circular Hotspot. Linkedin Top Green Voice and Keynote speaker;

Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics, Dept of Economics, University of Gothenburg;

Daniel Ddiba, Environmental engineer


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