Discover the Real Lives of Male Elephants

Lecture: Often misunderstood and thought to be loners, come uncover the social lives male elephants.

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Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

lördag maj 07, 15:00 - 16:00



Male African savannah elephants are not the loners they were once thought to be, they are social beings and form friendships with other males once they leave their herd and join male elephant society. Kate Evans has been researching the male elephants of Botswana since 2002, first in the Okavango Delta and since 2012 in the Makgadikigadi Pans National Park, where 98% of sightings are of male elephants. She will discuss recent findings of male sociality, and the implications of these findings for their conservation and management and their interactions with rural landscapes.


Kate Evans, Founder & Director, Elephants for Africa


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Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

J412, PLAN 4
Renströmsgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg
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