Explore data on the Web in a new way

Workshop: Don’t just browse the Web! Become a data detective and find out what’s hiding in the Web

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17:00 - 19:00, ons. 19 apr.



Which Swedish singers were born in the '90s? Which Swedish footballers were not born in Sweden? These questions are difficult to answer just by browsing the Web. Fortunately, the Wikidata knowledge base contains lot of data that have been organised in a way that makes it easy to answer these questions, and others.

In this workshop, students at gymnasium level will learn how to formulate questions that gathers information from Wikidata, and how to present the results in tables, as grids, on maps or on timelines. Bring your school chromebook and a lot of curiosity! No coding knowledge is needed.

This event is primarily aimed for girls at age 16-20. Important to be there from the start, duration 2 hours.


Ana Bove, Docent;

Graham Kemp, Bitr.Professor;

Selpi Selpi, Researcher;

Ahmed Ali-Eldin Hassan, Assist.Professor. All from CSE, Chalmers


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Seminarierum 2
Södra vägen 54, 412 54 Göteborg.
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