Governing Bodies - Science, Art and Microbes

Performance/Lecture: What happens when art, science and philosophy approach the same topic?

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13:00 - 14:00, lör. 22 apr.



Every human being has over one kilogram of microorganisms in their gut. We live in symbiosis with them and they are necessary for digestion and other life support processes. They affect our mood, energy and probably also to what extent we are curious and social. They help to facilitate communication between gut and brain. So far we know only around two per cent of their functions and capabilities. But one thing is certain: they can live without us, but without them we die

Since 2018 a group of artists and researchers from half a dozen European countries have met, discussed, cooked, eaten and made interdisciplinary art events about the microbes that humans live in symbiosis with.
Giada Lo Re, PhD will talk about the interdisciplinary approach and what it means for her as a scientist and what we can learn from it. Freddie Ross will make a performance piece based on the work within the group as from the perspective of a writer and artist.


Freddie Ross, Artist/Writer, Vision Forum, Vision Forum;

Giada Lo Re, PhD, Industrial and Material Science, Chalmers, Göteborg


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Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet

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