The Horror of Getting Old

Film/Conversation: See the horror movie Relic and engage in a conversation about our fear of getting old.

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Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

lördag maj 07, 19:00 - 21:15



Many of us are obsessed with the aging process, and it is often regarded as something quite unpleasant. Why is aging something we want to resist at any cost, and what do we actually see when we encounter an old person? Somebody who is approaching death, or somebody with a life of experiences?

Watch the Australian horror movie Relic from 2020 and engage in a conversation about how older people, especially women, are represented, and about what conjures our fascination and fear of getting old.

The movie is 89 minutes long, and recommended from 15 years. It is subtitled in Swedish with English speech. The conversation after the movie will be held in English.


Valeria Villegas Lindvall, Doktor i Filmvetenskap, Institutionen för Kulturvetenskaper, Göteborgs Universitetet
Emma Axberg, Samtalsledare


Tema: Det okända





Göteborgs universitet, Humanisten

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