Every year since 1997 the International Science Festival Gothenburg creates venues for science, inspiration, and new perspectives. We present science and research in creative and unusual ways. On average around 70,000 people visit the festival every year making us to one of the leading popular science events in Europe.

The public festival

The public program is interdisciplinary and aimed at all curious people. At our venues around Gothenburg, you can learn more about everything from music to elections. Free and open for everyone.

Festival for schools

In the School program there are lots of clever and exciting activities within the scientific fields. Both in Gothenburg and online. Among the activities are our pop-up science center Experimentverkstaden and LiveLabbet.


Without the International Science Festival’s stakeholders and partners, the festival would simply not be possible. Here, you can see who has chosen to engage with science.

A sustainable festival

Creativity, accessibility, credibility, and sustainability has been part of the festival since the start. Every year we aim to make the festival as sustainable as possible.