The International Science Festival’s school program offers pupils and teachers in pre-school and elementary school a chance to take part in fun, challenging and creative activities. Most subjects are represented in the school programme which, like the rest of the science festival, works across scientific boundaries. Committed contributions from universities and colleges, businesses, organisations and associations make the school programme possible. The shared goal is to give children and school students an insight into the fantastic world of science through interactive workshops, experiments, values exercises, tours, performances, talks and much more besides.

Working with a large number of committed contributors from universities and colleges, government agencies, associations and other organisations, each year the science festival puts together an exciting programme for pupils and teachers.

The next festival is 15–26 April 2024 will have activities online and in real life – all expertly put together, curriculum-friendly and interactive. Welcome to Sweden’s biggest research school!

Experimentverkstaden – our big pop-up science center

The science festival’s Experimentverkstaden is a big pop-up science center that is built every year, full of exciting workshops. It is aimed at children in pre-school to Year 5 and students with learning disabilities – a real hotbed of discovery and an exciting place for all curious minds. There is something fun and rewarding for everyone, whether you like to be up and about or sitting and focusing on a task. This is the place to see, feel, hear, practise, learn and experience the wonderfully playful side of science. The Experiment Workshop is alive with cool and educational hands-on activities that get children exploring new things.

Open and accessible

The Experiment Workshop is all about “high energy and low thresholds”. With simple tools, visitors get to design, make and experiment, drawing on all their creativity and imagination. By encouraging children to give things a go in a fun environment, we want to awaken their curiosity and interest in science, inspiring them to want to learn more!

With the generous help of the Solstickan Foundation and the Erling-Persson Foundation, we have been able to focus even more on our Experiment Workshop with a view to meeting the differing needs of children in terms of both treatment and practicality. For example, everyone in compulsory education for students with learning disabilities is able to visit the Experimentverkstaden for free.

Engaging contributors and teaching guides

Working with committed contributors from universities and colleges, government agencies, associations and other organisations, we create interesting and stimulating content for everyone. In the Experiment Workshop, visitors get a chance to experiment alongside experts and university students, ask questions and enjoy lightbulb moments together! Visitors are well looked after by our hosts throughout their time with us.

Before you visit the Experimentverkstaden with your class, you will receive a guide with directions, practical information and detailed descriptions of the different activity stations. The guide is a valuable resource before and after your visit.

LiveLabbet – interactive science shows for the whole country

Come and explore the fantastic world of science in a different way. Along with our fantastic presenters, we invite you to the science festival’s digital LiveLabbet, which offers you and your students unique experiences, fun facts and inspiring insights in selected subject areas. The science shows are fronted by knowledgeable contributors, with a varied programme that includes interactive sections. Via practical experiments, thought experiments and voting, you and your students get to learn, explore and share your views with classes from across Sweden.

Share a fascination with science through LiveLabbet, which you can join in with directly from your classroom!