The Science Festival is a popular science and interdisciplinary event. All scientific disciplines are welcome to apply to be a part of the program. Credibility, creativity, accessibility, and sustainability are our core values, and they influence everything we do.  

We are a democratic meeting place, and we want to create easy-going, interesting, and different forms of science events that the public and schools can experience.

Every year, hundreds of dedicated participants enable the Science Festival to be the fantastic knowledge fest for all ages that it is.

During the autumn each year, the International Science Festival Gothenburg accepts program proposals for our various programs. The festival 2023 is in April with activities both on site in Gothenburg and online.

Pojke i Vetenskapsfestivalen Experimentverkstad som tittar fram bakom en struktur byggd av sugrör.

Festival theme 2023: Limits

As humans, we have always created and challenged boundaries. We have photographed black holes and overturned accepted truths, and research is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Artificial intelligence is approaching human levels of consciousness, and driverless cars will soon be a reality. We are knocking at the door of Mars. Boundaries are being erased on a daily basis. But no matter what we humans come up with, it always starts with a thought. Thoughts that are translated into ideas, great and small, and that lead to research and discoveries. But where is the boundary for thought? Is there even a boundary at all?

Festival dates 2023

Public program: 18–23 April

School program: 17–28 April

The application period to the Science Festival 2023 has started. We accept program proposals until 1 December. If you have an idea for the next festival, the first step is to contact one of our producers for the program that you are interested in.

Jenny Hultén
Artistic Director and Program manager Public program
073-986 43 21

Kennet Sundberg 
Producer Public program
070-248 63 41

Madeleine Koncilja
Program manager and producer School program
031-368 42 84

Kajsa Ottis
Producer School program
0707-34 75 47