Experience the International Science Festival’s digital platform in HiberWorld. This platform is a new and exciting way to participate in the festival and access to our digital content. It gives you the opportunity to meet visitors from the whole world and dive into our own metaverse.

The success is back

After last year’s success where users could compete with worlds they had created themselves, HiberWorld is back with a place to digitally enjoy this year’s program. On the platform, you can enjoy live-broadcasted lectures, discover the worlds last year’s user created and meet visitors from the whole world. You can even challenge yourself with an obstacle course.

HiberWorld is a creative and social platform thought to help brands, artists and creators be digitally present in a metaverse thanks to a platform that is easy to use. In Hiberworld you can watch live-broadcasted lectures every day during the period of the festival, from April 16th to 21st at 6pm, as well as at 3pm on Sunday, April 21st. You can even watch videos from our YouTube channel and scroll through our website.

Discover the digital program hereunder or click here, select Plats and choose DIGITALT.

How to: HiberWorld

  • Move by pressing W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right).
  • Look around by using the arrow keys or mouse.
  • Jump by pressing space.

Digital program

17/04: How is democracy doing? An international perspective.
With: Staffan I. Lindberg. Read more.

18/04: Draupner, LOVE and Wicked
With: Anna Gavanas. Read more.

19/04: Soundscape Reading Reflection Response
With: Gregg Bucken-Knapp. Read more.

20/04: Nordic Blue humanities: a sustainable approach of Nordic literature and art.
With: Sylvain Briens, Frédérique Toudoire-Surlapierre och Alessandra Ballotti. Read more.

21/04: Learning from non-human animal communication
With: Koen de Reus. Read more.

21/04: Astrobiology: Are we alone in space?
With: Cynthia Sassenroth. Read more.