STREAM - Nobel laureate Anne L'Huillier: Waves of Discoveries

Opening of the International Science Festival.

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17:30 - 19:00, tis. 16 apr.



Electrons, although small, control everything, they bind atoms together, form molecules that make up the whole world. Their movement determines the properties of all materials that surround us. With her groundbreaking experiments Nobel laureate Anne L'Huillier created flashes of light, attosecond pulses. Short enough to be able to get snapshots of things we have never been able to see before: the extremely fast motions of electrons. One attosecond relates to one second is like one second relates to the age of the universe.

The light waves created a new microscope that magnifies time. That gave us information about what happens in the atoms, how electrons move and how it works in the interior of matter. In the future, electronics and medicine will be able to make great use of this knowledge. We can only begin to imagine what waves of discoveries will follow.

Professor L'Huillier's laserlight waves gives us invaluable knowledge. Waves in other forms can also be information carriers. Professor Stefan Helmreich, MIT have examined ocean waves and how they carry information. What more does waves convey about our planet? They predict geological events, the sea level rise, and geopolitical news about our planet.

Join us in a truly crossdisciplinarity night where we look closer at the theme of the International Science festival 2024: Waves.


Anne L'Huillier, professor of atomic physics at Lund University. Nobel Prize laureate in Physics 2023. Professor L'Huillier leads an attosecond physics group. The field of attochemistry was created as a result of her experimental, theoretical and groundbreaking research. Studies the movements if electrons in real time leading us to understand more about the chemical reactions in the atomic level.

Stefan Helmreich, professor of cultural anthropology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Author of Alien Ocean, Sounding the Limits of Life and A book of Waves. Specializes in anthropology of scientists – specifically oceanographers.

Marnie Chesterton Journalist and Presenter at BBC´s Crowd Science. Host of the evening.

Annie Tådne, audiovisual artist and video designer. MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University, London. Presents a live audiovisual performance inspired by nature in motion.



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